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University at Buffalo
PSY 331
Lindsey Streamer

March 3, 2014 Last time 1. We see what we expect We see what we want Remember the self: • We seek positive self-view (high SE)… • …we’ll work for it… • …can we go too far? Positive illusion: seeing self in (objectively) overly positive light Mental health: Classic definition Positive self-regard Ability to care for others Ability to do productive work Accurate view of reality Fun classroom exercise results 1. Intelligence result - unknown 2. Intelligent relevant to other UB students – rated themselves averagely 3. Intelligent relevant to other undergrads in this room – students rated themselves higher Survey of 1 million high school students stated: 75% leadership 65% athletic 80% get along socially Positive Illusions Taylor & Brown (1988) 3 types of positive illusions: • Unrealistically positive views of self • Unrealistic optimism • Exaggerated perceptions of control Unrealistically positive views of self We are all better than average • Our friends, too! Give selves credit for success, but not to blame for failure EX. test grade (self-serving bias) Rate ourselves higher than observers do • Study: group interaction task, personality ratings We tend to be optimistic • We believe present is better than past • We expect future to be even better EX. finding a job • Particularly for us vs. others Expect what we want • Not what is objectively likely We think more good things for us and less of bad things for us Exaggerated perceptions of control We tend to overestimate our abi
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