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PSY 331
Lindsey Streamer

March 10, 2014 What is an attitude? • Very difficult question Disagreement in the field Psychological tendency expressed by particular entity with some degree of favor/disfavor • Positive and negative evaluation of an object We have attitudes about all of things Ourselves other people abstract concepts Effect of attitudes on behavior Conventional wisdom: attitudes cause behavior • 30s: only very weak relationship • 50s-60s: Panic! Jump ship! • More research = clearer picture o 5 factors for strong attitude-behavior relationship  Not exhaustive 1. Right attitude object Distinction: attitudes toward… • Behavior target • Behavior itself EX. political candidate Early attitude research: attitude towards targets • Weak predictor of behavior • Reason: only 1 of many factors into attitude toward behavior o Stronger predictor People may be faking their attitudes towards others to look favorable 2. Get an accurate measurement Only measure expressed attitudes Goes through self-presentational filter • Don’t want to look bad… • …by revealing objectionable views we hold EX. secret bigot People don’t want to look bad in front of others by disclosing their views Bogus pipeline Sigall et al. (1971): bogus pipeline Fool people into expressing true attitudes Procedure: • Strapped in to equipment • “Indicates +/ attitude” • Sample questions (not controversial) o Machine is right! o From forgotten questionnaire • Whites asked about Blacks o Manipulation: bogus pipeline or paper & pencil Results: • Paper & pencil: rated Blacks more positively o Relative to averageAmerican at the time o Bo
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