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PSY 331
Lindsey Streamer

March 14, 2014 Overjustification effect Lepper et al. (1982) Elementary school, drawing activities Manipulation: • “You can first do X, and then Y” • “You must first do X, in order to do Y Results: • Children told to do X “in order to do Y” later avoided X Implications: • Rewarding children for reading, piano etc. can undermine interest Caveat: Works only if they originally had interest in doing the activity Self-perception theory Dissonance or self-perception? How to resolve? Both! • Self-perception when attitudes are weak • Dissonance when attitudes are strong EX. Environmental concerns Persuasion – process of consciously attempting to change attitudes through transmission of a message • Specific kind of attitude change o blizzard…? We just moved to Buffalo, now we have a negative attitude of Buffalo. NOT an example of persuasion, because there is no one trying to convince us. U.S. spends 1.71 billion dollars on advertising Classic approach Message-learning approach • Yale group: Hovland et al. starting in 40s What makes something persuasive? • Source varaibles (who): EX. expertise (drug doctor vs. street seller) • Message variables (what): EX. humor (under what conditions is sth funny) • Medium/channel variables (by what means): EX. speech speed (to hear the msg) • Target Variables (to whom): EX. mood (are they in a good or bad mood) Recent Advances Classic approach: valuable findings • List of factors w/ conditions Recent approach: • Shift from what is persuasive • …to process underlying how it works Elaboration likelihood model (ELM) – video ELM Peety & Cacioppo, 1980s Framework for integrating list Elaboration: process of assessing central merits of a message (to think deeply about it) • Argument quality Continuum of elaboration likelihood (EL): • High EL: scrutinize arguments, arrive at well-reasoned & supported attitude o Central r
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