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PSY 331
Lindsey Streamer

February 7, 2014 Interplay between self and group Began as shoving match between the players Fans jumped in • As though personally threatened • Linked to players only because identified with “Pistons” group Extended self Self extends beyond the individual • Social Identity Theory: our “self” is partially determined by groups we identify with • What group does affects me o Includes self-esteem Hirt et al. (1992) Sports team allegiance • Idea: team becomes part of us o Team performance affects us, just like our own performance does as well • Very real! Raving college basketball fans Watch their team win or lose • Control condition: other game Self-report mood, self-esteem, performance expectations • Mental, motor, social skills, and chance tasks Results After loss (vs. win & control) •  mood,  self-esteem,  expectations for own performance • Mediated by self-esteem, not mood Instead of watching basketball, some took IQ test • Told either did well or poorly • Completed same measures Equal or larger effects for team vs. personal task BIRGing Basking in reflected glory • Sharing glory of successful other based on association with them EX. D-grade celebrity went to school with my cousin, at a meeting with Obama Cialdini et al. (1976) Observational study • Watch clothing of students in class after football game (university apparel) Results • Wore more after win vs. loss Implication - When others do well, we actively emphasize our connection Comparison of both studies Both: about the extended self Hirt: Hard-core fans Cialdini: Fair-weather fans • Choosing whether to identify Self-evaluation maintenance Processes by which we maintain or gain SE Tesser (1988) SEM Model • Relationships wit
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