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PSY 331
Lindsey Streamer

April 4, 2014 Last time In-group preference • Minimal group paradigm • Tajfel (1971) Fein & Spencer (1997) Illusory correlations • Shared distinctiveness Consequences Self-fulfilling prophecies • Remember these? “What is beautiful is good” stereotype EX. beautiful people are more sociable and attractive Self-fulfilling prophecies Snyder et al. (1977) Men & women talk over phone Manipulation: • Men shown picture of attractive vs. unattractive woman beforehand Men rated women Conversations recorded & coded Results • Men rated “attractive” women more positively • So did independent coders! Why? • Men’s behavior: more comfortable, animated etc. with “attractive” woman Stereotype threat Fear of confirming stereotypes about one’s group Particularly when stereotypes are made salient “It always seems as if to them (white professors and students) I will be black first and student second” Steele &Aronson (1995) Black & white students take difficult test Manipulation: • ½ asked to indicated race beforehand Results: • No-threat  Blacks performed equally well to whites • If indicated race  Blacks performed worse than whites Implications: admissions exams • SAT, GRE, etc ask about ethnicity also • Blacks usu
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