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Lindsey Streamer

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April 2, 2014 Minimal group paradigm Tajfel (e.g. 1971) Procedure: • Decision-making experiment o Painting preference • Assigned to 1 of 2 groups o Klee or Kandinsky • Anonymous o Identified only w/ number • Allocate rewards ($ or points) to others o Never to self o Others identified only by group and # o Choose from reward matrices • DV: patterns of reward allocations Reward matrices Results: • Awarded more to in-group • Choose to maximize difference o Even when this meant giving smaller amount to in-group Why in-group preference? Social identity theory (Tajfel & Turner, 1979) • Main idea: self (self-esteem) affected by group membership • Sound familiar? Membership in superior groups can  self-esteem Minimal group? • Greater in-group rewards asserts superiority In-group preference Reward allocation? • Discrimination! Based only on minimal groups! Remember system justification Starting with group preference… …stereotyping & discrimination Cyclical • Orange hill example o Storm hits East side, they lose lots of resources o West side blames them or not preparing well enough, or perhaps God doesn’t like them Fein & Spencer (1997) Manipulation 1: positive or negative test feedback Rate job applicant: resume, photo, video Manipulation 2: name & ethnicity of applicant • Presumably Italian: Maria D’Agostino, cross • Presumably Jewish: Julie Goldberg, star of David, hair clip • Same woman for both!! Participants were Italian • In-group/out-group? Results: Rated applicant lower after failure, but only when she’s an out-group member • Positive
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