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PSY 331
Lindsey Streamer

April 7, 2014 Last time Self-fulfilling prophecies Stereotype threat Social influence • Defined conformity…? • Sherif (1936) – lights on the walls, participants recorded it’s distance each day (each day, their scores became more similar to each other) • Asch (1951) Asch (1951) Method: • “Study of visual discrimination” • Six others in session • All sit around table • Judge line length • Say answers aloud Twists: • Six others in sessions o All confederates • All sit around table 5 of 6 before participant • First two trials: correct answer • 12 of next 16: unanimously wrong Results: • 75% conformed on at least one trial • 50% conformed on half of the trials or more • 25% never conformed Sherif vs. Asch Similarities: • High levels of conformity • Show power others have on our perceptions Differences: • Sherif: task was difficult o Physical reality was ambiguous • Asch: task was simple o Physical reality was very clear Why do we conform? Normative influence – We fear the consequences of being deviant Informational influence – We want to be correct in our judgments • When we doubt own judgment… o …we look to others Sherif (autokinetic) orAsch (lines)? Sherif study = informational influence,Asch study = normative influence Factors affecting conformity Cohesiveness • Increases conformity Group size • Larger group (up to ~8) increases conformity Social support • Asch (1956): conformity dropped if one confederate chose correct line High power • Reduces conformity Galinsky et al. (2008) “Imagine you are visiting a new planet…draw a creature that you discover…” Manipulation • High power vs. low power writing task • Winged alien example vs. no example DV: Whether participants drew wings Results: Those primed with high power did not conform Why? Powerful peopl
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