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PSY 331
Lindsey Streamer

April 9, 2014 Cialdini study Door in the face – starting with an extreme offer, then with a smaller offer 1. Consistency and reciprocity Other Findings After reciprocal concessions: • Feel manipulated? • Actually (e.g., Benton et al. 1972): • Feel more responsible for agreement • Feel more satisfied • More likely to follow through • More likely to agree to future favors First to make move has upper hand Reciprocal concessions E.g.: Want your roommate to loan you $50 to go see Justin Bieber? • First ask for $150! • Which makes $50 seems smaller? Perceptual contrast • Familiar heuristic? o Anchoring and adjustment If we anchor at extreme request… • …moderate seems more appealing 2. Commitment and compliance Low-ball technique Offer low price on car (reason to buy) Get decision (commitment) to buy “Let me check w/ manager to finalize…” “Can’t do it…regular price” What happens? • Still buy! • Made commitment to buy something o Original reason (low price) is gone o Self-generated reasons (commitment) remain Also bait & switch…? EX. Super good deal of 2 TVs on discount on Black Friday. Both sold out, so the manager then recommends another TV with a great price. We are likely to buy this because of the commitment we already made to buying the first one. More low-ball Cialdini et al. (1978) • Called for 7 a.m. psychology study o Told up front 24% “yes” o Didn’t tell: 56% “yes”  Then told, given chance to back out…what happened? • No one did; 95% showed up Feel pleased with a poor choice! • Sound like anything? o Very similar to cognitive dissonance-like process!  Attitudes come to match behavior Foot-in-the-door Opposite of door-in-the-face, but still works! First: small request, target complies Second: larger, real request • More likely to agree E.g.: rummage through house study (Freedman & Fraser, 1966) • First: take phone survey? o Household products • 3 days later, second: 2-hour inventory of home? o Looking through
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