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Lindsey Streamer

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April 21, 2014 InterpersonalAttraction 1 Overview Who are we attracted to? • 4 factors Interpersonal attraction What makes people attracted to each other? Typically know whether we like someone… …harder to explain why Afew common sayings… “Familiarity breeds contempt” “Opposites attract” “Birds of a feather flock together” Proximity Festinger et al. (1950) • Friendship patterns in married student housing • Students randomly assigned to residences • Who are your closest friends? Results: friends w/ neighbors • 2/3 of friends listed lived in the same building • Pattern of friendships within each building o Greater proximity  more friendships Residents in busy areas were more often listed as close friends • E.g. 1 & 5 formed 2x as many friendships with upstairs neighbors as those in middle • Functional distance Classroom: the alphabet! (Segal, 1974) • Self-reported reasons for friendship? Stages of life • As proximity changes, relationships change Why does proximity influence relationships? • Makes contact more likely Exposure Another reason… Mere exposure effect • Works for people, too Usually attributed to liking • Not always: Ebbesen et al. (1976) and enemies Mirror images (Mita et al.) • 2 pictures
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