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Lindsey Streamer

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April 25, 2014 Role of the situation Personal connections • Tend to rate someone more physically attractive after grow to like • Look twice at your friends? Comparisons • Kenrick et al. (1989): men perused Playboy & Penthouse o Rated “regular” women…?  Rated average women less attractive  Including own wives Comparisons Thorton & Moore (1993): same idea w/ self-ratings • Men and women particiapnts • Sat in front of poster board • Manipulation: 24 same-sex model photos vs. none • DVs: self-rated attractiveness, etc. • Results…? o Both women and men rated themselves lower if they saw models Role of the situation: Beer goggles Pennebaker et al. (1979) Field study in tTexas bar Rated attractiveness oppossite sex patrons Manipulation of time: 9pm 10:30pm 12:00 am Results…? • Boys and girls rated more attractive Beer goggles Why? • Alcohol • Scarcity o Fewer people appear as time goes on 3. People who are similar to us We tend to like people who are similar to us Some research examples: • College dorm:  liking for those with similar backgrounds • Opinion survey:  liking for confederate with similar attitudes • Marriage: the more similar (e.g., values, leisure preferences), the longer m
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