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PSY 331
Lindsey Streamer

April 28, 2014 Attachment Assessment (the “strange situation”): • Mom and baby together • Mom leaves o Observe baby’s reaction • Mom returns o Observe baby’s reaction Attachment styles 3 classic types • Not all-or-none 1. Secure • Cry when mom leaves… • …happy upon return 2. Anxious/ambivalent • Cling and cry when mom leaves… • …anger/apathy upon return 3. Avoidant • Not much reaction Where do styles come from> One idea: working model of self and other, learned from interactions • With caregiver 2 underlying dimensions • Attachment anxiety o High = negative view of self o Low = positive view of self • Avoidance o High = negative view of others o Low = positive view of others Secure: positive view of self & caregiver • Anxiety & avoidance…? o Low • Sensitive & responsive caregiver • Feel valued, trust other Anxious/ambivalent: negative view of self • High anxiety • Inconsistent caregiver • Feel unworthy o EX. mom doesn’t care about me—the dog is more important than me; something about me makes me worse (unworthy) than the dog Avoidant: negative view of caregiver • High avoidance • Aloof caregiver • Don’t trust other Attachment styles Why does this matter? Carry models of self & other into adult relationships Attachment as expectations Hazan & Shaver (1987): adult questionnaire Effects in adults Secure: • Satisfying, happy relationships • Based on trust • Believe romantic love is possible High anxiety (attachment): • Love
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