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Chapter 1

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PSY 351
Scott Wersinger

Chapter 1: Introduction 1) Asurgery to cut the corpus collusm which result in the right and left hemisphere acting independently from one another 2) Information that is processed by the right hemisphere would not be received by the left hemisphere thus it cannot be communicated. 3) Amodel is a diagram that explain a concept 4) Strength:Able to give a full picture and explain a concept easily Limitation: It is only as accurate as your data and certain things cannot be explain using model 5) Generalization is explaining a phenomenon as an example of a general law Reduction is explaining a complex phenomenon into simpler terms a. Generalization: i. Advantage: Essential for making deductive inference ii. Disadvantage: b. Reduction: i. Advantage: ii. Disadvantage: Observing behaviour is not enough to relate them with 6) Dualism is a belief that the mind and the brain is two different entity Monism is a belief that the mind and the brain is the same thing but using different term a. Monism i. To study how our brain anatomy affects our behaviour, we have to believe that the mind and the brain are the same. 7) Consciousness is the state of being awake and the awareness of our own thoughts, perception and emotion. 8) Evolution is the change in the properties of a population of an organism over time 9) Natural selection is the process by which inherited traits that confer a selective advantage become more prevalent in the population. (mostly talks about an individual/small group of the population) 10) Sexual selection is the heritable trait that increases an animal’s likelihood to pass on their trait or reproduce. 11) Artificial selection is an intentional process of breeding for a certain desired trait. (“Man-made”) 12) Thalidomide is a drug that is supposes to treat morning sickness but it causes birth defects. Its can cause limbs malformation and facial
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