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Chapter 5

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University at Buffalo
PSY 351
Scott Wersinger

Chapter 5: Research Method Functional magnetic - Study brain activity resonance imaging (fMRI), through the change in blood flow - Provides both an anatomical and a functional view of the brain Positron Emission - Study brain activity tomography (PET) through radioactivity (thus show the function of the brain) - Do not show the structure Magnetic resonance imaging - Provide anatomical (MRI) view of the brain - Provides detailed view of the brain in different dimensions. - Safe, painless, non- invasive. - Measure magnetic field Computerized tomography - Creates cross-sectional (CT) images of the brain - Shows the structure of the brain - But not its function. Diffusion tensor imaging - Reveal bundles of (DTI) myelinated axons in the brain - Measure water molecule because these molecule move parallel to the axon Transeranial Magnetic - Stimulate the neuron in a Stimulation (TMS) region and find out what behaviour is affected. - Study the function of the brain region Technique Advantage Disadvantage Functional magnetic - Does not use radiation - Expensive. resonance imaging (fMRI), - It can only capture a clear - Low/no risk image if the person being scanned stays completely - Safely, noninvasively and still. effective - Can only look at blood - Images produced are very flow in the brain and not the activities of neurons. high resolution (as detailed as 1 millimeter) - More objective Positron Emission - Study brain activity - Do not show the structure tomography (PET) through radioactivity - Expensive to use. (thus show the function of the brain)
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