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SOC 101
Christopher Mele

Ivan Chao 9/12/13 – Thursday TEST 1 – CH 1 & 5 Key terms: • Applied Sociology: the use of sociological analysis to solve social problems • Basic (pure) Sociology: professional sociology Theoretical Perspectives in Contemporary Sociology Theory - is a general statement about how some parts of the world fit together and how they work; it is an explanation of how two or more facts are related to one another. 1. Symbolic Interactionism – microlevel • Focus is on how people themselves define reality, how they make sense of the world, how they experience and define what people are doing. Ex. Not running around naked • Assumption is that social structures are created through interactions among people so that patterns and standards of behavior emerge, i.e. social reality is a construction by people. • Focus on meanings assigned to actions and symbols, how meanings are learned and modified. - E.x. kid urinates in sandbox, 25age dies in sandbox, 50age crawls on desk • Inquires into factors that influence how we interpret what we say and do, and patterns that give rise to same interpretation for many. • Suggest individuals exist in analogy to actors in a play – dramaturgy, a sub- theory of interactionism. - Ex. Different stages (settings), social life is a stage in which people perform. People are in a sense, actors that play a role (e.g. mother, what it means to be a college student) • Goffman’s dramaturgical approach understanding social interaction through an analogy of theatre and performance Social life: • Astage in which people interact and perform • Humans are both actors and audience members • Parts they play are roles in everyday life (mother, teacher, factory worker) • The roles change depending on upon the setting ex. Daughter is an honor student • Roles consist of two types: “front stage” and “back stage”. Periods of rest. Ex. Restaurant customers – can I have some more water? Sure, one moment sir… that asshole at table 7 is killing me! • Characterized by difference in behavior – formal and informal 2. Functionalism (also known as Structural Functionalism) • Focus on order whose complex system whose parts work together to promote social stability • Society is a system of int
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