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Chapter 8

MGMT 2850 Chapter 8: CH 8 Influencing the Political Environment

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MGMT 2850
Novak Kathleen

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Ch 8: Influencing the Political Environment Corporate political strategy: activities taken by organizations to acquire, develop, and use power to obtain an advantage o Information strategy: Lobbying Direct communication Expert witness testimony o Financial Incentives strategy: Political contributions Economic leverage Political consulting aid Office personnel o Constituencybuilding strategy: gain support from other affected organizations to better influence government policymakers to act in a way that helps them Stakeholder coalitions Advocacy advertising Public relations Legal challenges Political action tactics: o Lobbying o Revolving door: circulation of individual between business and government positions o Direct communication The business roundtable: an organization of chief executive officers from leading corporations involved in various public issues and legislation o Expert witness testimony o Political action committees (PACs): independently incorporated organization that can solicit contributions and then channels those funds to candidates seeking political office o Super PACS: an organization that raises and spends money focusing on political issues but is not directly affiliated with any political campaign o Taxexempt organizations Soft money: unlimited political contributions made to a political party by individuals or organizations, but not by business or labor unions, to support partybuilding activities Dark money: political contributions made to taxexempt organizations that are not required to report the donors name and size of contribution to the Federal Election Commission o Direct contributions by corporations o Executive and employee personal contributions Citizens United decision: a US Supreme Court ruling that allowed corporations and unions to contribute directly to candidates for public office Economic leverage: a political tool where a business uses its economic power to threaten to relocate its operations unless a desired political action is taken
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