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Chapter 22

ANSC 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 22: Ampulla, Ejaculation, Urethra

Animal Science
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ANSC 101

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ANSC Chapter 22 male reproduction
Male poultry reproductive structures and their functions
- Internal testes: no scrotum as in mammals
- Paired functional teste: different from female bird
- Internal fertilization: yes, but no penis as in mammals, use an inverted cloaca with
papillae in some
- Sperm stored in turkey hens for 30 days, 10 days in chicken hens
- Seminiferous tubules: produce sperm
- Leydig cells: testosterone production
- Castration: loss of sperm production and testosterone
Sperm abnormalities
- Heat 60-90 min prior
- Immature male
- Old male
- Small testicles
- Genetics
- Long tube: 100 feet or more
- Sperm storage
- Sperm maturation
- Sperm death
- Sperm reabsorption
- Houses testicles and epididymis
Vas deferens:
- Transport tube to urethra
- Ampulla:
-Storage for rapid ejaculation
-soe species hae soe do’t
-depends on length of copulation
- Muscular canal
- From bladder to top of penis
Accessory Sex Glands:
- For volume
- Nutrients
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