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Business and Management
BMGT 350
Roxanne Leftkoff

350Chapter 931514Marketing ResearchMarketing Decision Support SystemsMarketing information everyday info about developments in the marketing environment that managers use to prepare and adjust marketing plansDecision support system DSS interactive flexible computerized info system that enables managers to obtain and manipulate info as they are making decisionsInteractivesee immediate resultsFlexibleshift gears for different topicsDiscovery orientedask what if isolate problems probe for trendsAccessibleeasy to useDatabase marketing creation of a large computerized file of customers and potential customers profiles and purchase patternsRole of Marketing ResearchMarketing Research process of planning collecting and analyzing data relevant to a marketing decisionBecome data in DSS and help managementDescriptive gathering and presenting factual statements diagnostic explaining data and predictive what if sSteps in a Marketing Research ProjectMarketing research problem determining what info is needed and how that info can be obtained efficiently and effectivelyMarketing research objective specific info needed to solve a marketing research problem to provide insightful decisionmaking infoManagement decision problem broadbased problem that uses marketing research in order for managers to take proper actions broader and need more researchSecondary Data data previously collected for any purpose other than the one at handGet from government and agencies news and internet collecting data and internally from data meant for other purposes savebasis for comparisonBUT have different unaligned purposes and could be bad qualityMarketing Research Aggregators company that acquires catalogs reformats segments and resells reports already published by marketing research firmsEasier to search and understandPlanning the Research Design and Gathering Primary Data Research design specifies which research questions must be answered how and when the data will be gathered and how the data will be analyzed
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