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Business and Management
BMGT 350
Roxanne Leftkoff

350Chapter 73314Business Marketing marketing of goods and services to individuals and organizations for purposes other than personal consumptionBusiness marketing on the internetBusinesstobusiness electronic commerce use of the internet to facilitate the exchange of goods services and info between organizationsMakes easier and less expensive use social media linkedin to build relationships with business customersMeasuring Online SuccessRecencythose who have purchased will purchase againFrequencyidentify frequent buyers that will againMonetary valuebig spenders are where they make moneyStickiness measure of a web sites effectiveness multiplying frequency of visits by duration of a visit by the number of pages views during each visitTrends in B2B internet MarketingSocial media creates awareness not get leadsDisintermediation elimination of intermediaries such as wholesalers or distributers from a marketing channel DellReintermediation reintroduction of an intermediary between producers and usersNarrowing to one is like only having one store or productRelationship Marketing and Strategic AlliancesNeed to build relationships to retain current customers rather than gain new onesStrategic alliance partnership cooperative agreement between business firmsBand together for a bigger market and added benefits from bothRelationship commitment firms belief that an ongoing relationship with another firm is so important that the relationship warrants maximum efforts at maintaining it indefinitelyTrust condition that exists when one party has confidence in an exchange partners reliability and integrityRelationships in other CulturesKeiretsu network of interlocking corporate affiliatesTrade with each other and engage in joint product developmentMajor Categories of Business CustomersProducers
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