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COMM 107

Chapter 1 Friday, September 6, 2013 10:03 PM Communication- conscious or unconscious, intentional or unintentional process in which feelings and ideas are expressed as verbal/nonverbalmessages that are sent, received or comprehend Intrapersonal communication(aka personal communication)is communicatingwith yourself (through processing, decision making) Interpersonal communicationis communicationbetween two or more persons who establish a communicativerelationship Public communicationis a speaker communicatingto an audience. You don't really change your response based on how the audience reacts--you'regiving a speech. Communicationis dynamic, continuous, irreversible, interactive,contextual. Human beings are capable of selective communication- we can choosethe symbolthat best represents what we want to express When we communicate,we encode (take ideas and put them into message form) and send them through our primary signal system (senses), to someonewho decodes (translates) the message. During communication,encoded messagesare carried through channels (usually sight or sound) Feedback - the response, a verbal or nonverbal reaction that the receiver has Communicationnoise - internal or external interference in the communicationprocess Environmentalnoise - outside interference, such as running water or loud noises, crowd talking Physiological-ImpairmentNoise - physical problem that can block effectivesending or receiving, such as being blind Semantic noise - problems might arise with the meaning of words, especially across d
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