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Chapter 2

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COMM 107

Chapter 2 Monday, September 16, 2013 9:32 AM Presentation: - Is a form of public communication - He introduced what he is going to talk about at the very beginning - Maintained the audience's attention well - Used visuals which made the presentation more interesting - Could have been better organized - Linear communication - There was environmentalnoise among the crowd - Psychologicalnoise as he is dying soon - Cultural noise as examples of Disney World and NFL might not resonate globally Chapter 2: Language is a system of arbitrary signals such as sounds, gestures, symbols - Used by a nation, people, or distinct community - To communicatethoughts or feelings Meaning - the way words are placed together, and the backgrounds and experiences of the communicators Language is constantly evolving Cybernetic Process: Input -> Storage -> Stimulus -> Search -> Recall -> Output - functions like a computer Cortex - part of the brain that stores,computes and processes incoming signals. Language-explosion Theory - suggests we build communicationskills from the core of language we develop early in life Significant-other theory- sugg
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