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Government and Politics
GVPT 170
Patrick Wohlfarth

[ToC] 5 Tuesday,December 3,2013 11:02 PM approval of government • president's approval • more approval,more political capital Systematic Characteristics of presidential approval • Equilibration • more or less,presidential approval gets too/too low in the short term tends to get back to 50 • extreme examples: if the economy/war does really poorly drag it down • Honeymoon • historically: the start of tenure,president is popular • just got into office hasn't done things to be criticized yet • little less recently • Crises–Rally around the flag • temporally short term boost (sky rocket) to president's approval • only temporally feelings-uniform feeling cross partisan lines towards president • eventually gets back / negative • e.g.starts a war-> boost; in a long run drags-troops start dying • Economy–mostly future expectations • where eco
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