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Government and Politics
GVPT 170
Patrick Wohlfarth

[ToC] 4 Monday,December 2,2013 10:05 AM lecture -trying to assess to what extent do campaigns matter -importance of campaigns how they have impact on public opinion Presidential election campaigns & public opinion • E.g.,reelection bids vs.open seats • incumbent seeking reelection / open seat • e.g.Obama's term restriction,cannot seek reelection • E.g.,nominating conventions • held convention-bump in public opinion for the candidate • why-generally: all media focus goes to that single party,that party's candidate, mostly positive effects • E.g.,debates,etc. Bottleneck • if only so many issue goes through the issue bottleneck • small number of the issue of people might care about gets campaign's attention • only certain issue gets attention • you as a vote may care about issues that have not given enough attention Three perspectives on campaigns: • Press–daily observation • Advertising & Professional Strategists–all about image • all about building a positive public image • Political Science–state of the country and the state of economy • “the facts”-what is going on in a large perspective • might be the predominate force leading to who wins who loses Do campaigns matter? • Most presidential elections can be reliably predicted at the start of campaign season • so campaign does not matter because we know the result before hand • Yet,public opinion moves systematically during general election campaign • even though we can predict election outcome prior,but we can see public opinion changes during the campaign with regularity [a meaningful manner, meaningfully], suggest that something going on in campaign leading to public opinion change-that is campaign matter • so,campaign serves as a information flow Campaigns as Information Flow • most citizens are not tuned in politics-inattentive • during campaign season we starts to see more people tune in • campaign serve the purpose as a source of information for those who do not pay eno
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