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Chapter 8

HEIP 144 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Alibaba Cloud, Taobao

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Course Code
HEIP 144
Jay Smith

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Alibaba and the Future of Business
What is smart business?
All players involved in achieving a common business goal are coordinated
Allows companies to adapt dynamically to changing market conditions and
customer preferences
Gains competition advantage over traditional businesses
Some of Alibaba’s major businesses:
Rural Taboa
Cainiao Network
Alibaba Music
Alibaba Sports
Taobao Marketplace
Alibaba cloud
How automate all operating decisions:
Datafy all customer exchanges
Answer questions about data on potential borrowers
Improves customer experience
Lowers price for consumers
Let algorithms figure out what data is relevant
Software” customer activities
Build a model of consumer decision making
Builds foundation for machine-learning technologies
Put data in the marketplace
Require communication standards
Application programming interfaces
Technical infrastructure is not everything
Figure out incentive structures
Apply algorithms
Allows assimilation of data
Allows business to interpret consumer data
Requires new skills from data scientists and economists
Role of the Leader:
Understand the future layout of the business
Cultivate creativity
Less focus on efficiency, more on increasing rate of innovation
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