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Chapter 11-14

HIST 201 Chapter 11-14: CCJS105 Final Exam Key Terms

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HIST 201
Howard Smead

CCJS105 Final Exam Key Terms Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Crimes Against Property Larceny trespassory taking and carrying away of personal property belonging to another with the intent to deprive the owner of the property permanently o Shoplifting stealing goods from storesmarkets o National Stolen Art File consists of a computerized index of stolen art and other forms of cultural property o Piracy Rings produce and sell bootleg tapes of films currently in movie theatres o Motor Vehicle Theft Joy Riding Type of larceny that lacks the element of intent to deprive the owner of the property permanently. Thieves take the vehicle for momentary pleasure of transportation. Strip and run thief steals a car, strips its parts, abandons vehicle Scissors job scissors are jammed into ignition allowing thief to start the car Valet theft thief dresses as valet, opens door for driver, takes keys, and quickly drives away Insurance fraud car owner reports car stolen and hides it for approx. 30 days. After 30 days insurance claims are often paid without question. Once the claim is paid, the car magically reappears in poor condition. Owner uses insurance money to purchase new car Carjacking car is stolen by forcethreat of force; combination of motor vehicle theft and robbery LoJack small electronic transmitter installed in the car, activated by police transmitters once the car is reported stolen to determine its location Unbreakable Autolock locks the steel brake pedal so that it cannot be depressed, in some cars, this wont allow the car to start Silent Scorpion prevents car thief from driving more than 14mile. System automatically activates whenever the drivers door is opened and then closed while the engine is running. Engine will shut off and will be unable to restart the car Watch Your Car Program people can display a decalspecial license plate signifying either the car normally isnt driven from 15am or normally isnt driven in the proximity of international land bordersports. Owner consents to vehicle stops if the car is being driven under these conditions o Boat Theft theft of working boats, pleasure boats, little fishing skiffs, and rowboats Fraud act of trickery of deceit, especially involving misrepresentation o (Obtaining Property by) False Pretenses leading a victim to part with property on a voluntary basis through trickery, deceit, or misrepresentation o Check Forging criminal offense of makingaltering a check with intent to defraud o Confidence Game deceptive means of obtaining money or property from a victim who is lead to trust the perpetrator
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