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Chapter 3

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PSYC 100
Ryan Curtis

Psych Ch. 3  Wanting to lose weight: affect, (desired) behaviors, cognition  Cheerios: “people that choose more multigrain tend to weigh less than those who don’t,” they are trying to insinuate that it CAUSES people to lose weight, when it is really a NEGATIVE CORRELATION between whole grain consumption and weight  In media, people who go to ivy leagues get better jobs, does that mean that the school caused them to get better jobs? NO.  Correlation: measure one thing, measure another thing, see if they go together; CORRELATION ≠ CAUSATION (one thing causes anothercorrelated, but correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation)  Positive correlation: two variables go up/down/increase/decrease TOGETHER, SAME direction  Negative correlation: one variable increases/goes up as the other decreases/goes down, OPPOSITE directions  Spurious cor
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