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Chapter 2

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University of Maryland
PSYC 334
Dylan Selterman

CHAPTER 2 Research Methods1The Short History of Relationship ScienceaRelationship Science began in the 1930sbDonn Byrne asked people to inspect survey that opposed or agreed with their viewsliked the stranger who was the same as them better cEli Finkel speed dating and they evaluated reactions to datesdWilliam Ickes studied unscripted meetings on coucheMatthias Mehl captures brief slices of social life by giving people small recordersfJohn Gottman predicted lasting relationship by monitoring couples physically and emotionally during disagreementgTerri Orbuch tracked success of black and white couples marriages more blacks divorced2Developing a QuestionaFirst ask a question bCome from broad social problems like divorce and previous research cTwo types of questionsiTo describe events as they naturally occur and find patternsiiseek to establish causal connections between events to see which are meaningful 3Obtaining Participants aConvenience Sample Use anybody ready and willing to participate bRepresentative Sample make sure participan
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