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PSYC 334
Dylan Selterman

The Building Blocks of Relationships1The Nature and Importance of Intimacya Six Characteristics of IntimacyiKnowledgeknow about each otheriiCaringcare more about each other iiiInterdependenceneed and influence each other ivMutualityus instead of mevTrust viCommitmentbselfscale of overlapping circlescNeed to belongneed to have frequent social contact with intimate others dThose with intimate relationships live longer healthier liveseThose who have less relationships are 23 times more likely to die over a 9 year spanfEvolutionarily adaptive to form relationships2Influence of CultureaChanges in time and generationlike marital status of parents and interactionbPeople wait longer to marry live together unmarried and have babies unmarried divorce rate is up mothers workcMarriage became a choicedCohabiting couples actually are less happy and more violent eSource of changeeconomicsiMore affluent societies can tolerate divorce iiIndividualism has ended relationships as we expect more fulfillment from themiiiTechnology has allowed women to pick men from sperm catalog ivSex ratio menwomeniHigh sex ratio not enough women support oldfashioned roles and sexually c
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