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Chapter 6

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PSYC 334
Dylan Selterman

CHAPTER 6Interdepdency ISocial Exchange aEconomic view of dealing with relationships bWe want relationships with maximum reward at minimum cost cSocial Exchange Process of mutual exchange of desirable rewards with othersdThibaut and Kelley introduce interdependence theoryeReward anything in interaction that is desirable and brings enjoymentfCost punishing undesirable experiencespaying for date injury uncertainty gOutcome net profit or loss a person encounters adding up all costs and rewards hOutcomesrewardscosts iPositive outcome then good but need best possible outcomejTwo criteria to evaluate outcomes we receive expectation and how well we could manage with our current partner IIRelationship Expectations aEveryone has comparison level describes the value of the outcomes that we believe we deserve in our dealings with others based on past experiences causing expectationsbCLs measure satisfaction of relationship cHappiness depends on how much your outcomes exceed your CL dSatisfaction derives from outcomes compared to CLeOutcomesCLSatisfaction or Dissatisfaction IIIHow Well Could We do Elsewhere aUse comparison level for alternatives to determin
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