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PSYC 334
Dylan Selterman

CHAPTER 4Social Cognition 1Social Cognition aSocial Cognition processes of perception and judgment with which we make sense of our social worlds bThe way we think about our relationshipscThinking leads to feeling which leads to acting 2First Impressions And BeyondaThey matterbFirst impression influenced students feelings 9 weeks latercWe jump to conclusions quickly dPut people into categories we are already familiar with use stereotypes eBy putting information in different order it gives a different overall impression fPrimary effect tendency for the first impression we receive about others to carry special weight along with our stereotypes and impressions in shaping our overall impressions iShows that first impression influences our interpretations of later info we encounteriiPoor Hannah is below average in school where rich Hannah is above average gConfirmation bias Seek info that will confirm their belief more than contradictory infoiAsk questions that probe for evidence that you are correct iiOccurred where they asked people to find out if someone is intro or extroverted hOverconfidence think we are right about others more often than we are iex think we know sexual history of partner and our knowledge improvesfalseiFirst impressions direct our attention to certain areas and influence our interpretations of those new factswe are biased jExisting beliefs are influential at every stage of
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