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Chapter 5

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PSYC 334
Dylan Selterman

CHAPTER 5 Communication 1CommunicationaTalk Table allows researchers to record private and public thoughts by responding to someone in an argument and rating responses bModel of COMM Senders intentions message is encoded into nonverbal and verbal actions then noise and environment can interfere then receiver must decode the message then receiver is affectedcWe face interpersonal gap where senders intentions dont match effect on receiver2Nonverbal communicationaFunctionsIProvides information about peoples moods or meaningIIRegulates information display of interest turns in convo IIIDefines relationships intimate people act differently than acquaintances bComponents I Facial Expressions universal meanings make them disguise their true emotions due to display rulescultural norms that dictate appropriate emotions for situationsTo match display rules we may intensify minimize neutralize or mask expressionMicroexpressions Authentic flashes of real emotion visible for short time IIGazing Behavior Gaze at someone more when you like themUsually gaze more while listening 60 than talking 40 Dominant people are oppositeVisual Dominance Ratio compares look speak time spent speaker gazes at listener to look listentypical 4060high power ratio is 6040IIIBody Movement vary between culturesokay in US is zero in Europe harder to disguise things like restlessness signal status by asymmetrical body positionsIVTouch
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