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Chapter 7

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PSYC 334
Dylan Selterman

CHAPTER 7Friendship IThe Nature of FriendshipaFriends have trust knowledge supportbPeople have more fun with friends than they do alone or with partnerscFriends give affection communion and companionship dFriendship voluntary personal relationship typically providing intimacy and assistance in which the two parties like one another and seek each others companyeDifferent from romantic fascination sexual desire greater desire for exclusiveness less obligations fFriends give respect trust capitalization share good news with friends and get enthusiastic responses social supportgForms of Social support1 emotional supportaffection reassurance2 physical comforthugs and cuddling3 advice supportinformation and guidance4 material supporttangible assistance like money and goodshEmotional support of supportive friend reduces blood pressure and heart rateiEffective emotional support also leads people to feel closer to those who give itjSome people arebetter providers of social support than othersattachment styles secure is better kCOMM stats about friendslPeople who read need for support
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