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Chapter 13

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University of Maryland
PSYC 334
Dylan Selterman

CHAPTER 13The Dissolution and Loss of Relationships1The Changing Rate of DivorceaCurrently 50rdb13 divorced in the first 10 yearscHalf of adults are marriedd25 percent of children in single parent homes eMarried heterosexuals less likely to break up than any unmarried couplesfReasons for increasing divorce rate marriage isnt practical necessity anymore unrealistic expectations broader culture changeissues between work and family rates higher when women are financially independent of men more individualistic cultureless affected by cultural norms and depend on spouse more no fault laws since the 1970sgWomens increase in the labor force has caused higher divorce rateshCohabiting positively associated with possibility of divorceiPeople who have divorced parents are more likely to divorce because they have less trust and faith that marriage will lastjLegally better to divorce than split up as a cohabiting couples because fairly divide assetskPg 398 is summary2The Predictors of DivorceaLevinger model of three factors that influence the breakup of relationshipsiAttraction enhanced by rewards dimini
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