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Chapter 9

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PSYC 334
Dylan Selterman

CHAPTER 9Sexuality ISexual AttitudesaCasual Sex1Modern less than 25 of people think premarital sex is wrong 2Most people hold permissiveness with affection standard sex between uncommitted partners is wrong it is okay if in the context of a committedcaring relationship3Men more likely to think sex without love is okay4Women more likely to regret things they have done sexually 5Men regret things they didnt do inactions6Women more judged for bring promiscuous 7Strong sexual double standard doesnt exist as much but gender still changes evaluation bSameSex Sexuality1As of 2010 majority thinks same sex relations are morally acceptable2Differences in belief of where it comes from innate or learned3Sexual orientation has a genetic base4Sisters of gay men more fertile and gay men are good uncles 5No empirical justification for denying gays equal legal benefits6Homosexual relationships operate in same way same good parenting marriage is benef
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