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Chapter 12

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PSYC 334
Dylan Selterman

CHAPTER 12Power and Violence 1Power and Interdependence aMost believe partners should have equal say in a relationship bPower ability to influence the behavior of others and to resist their influence on us cUse interdependence theory to analyze social powerdPower based on control of valuable resources their accesseGreater ones need for the resource greater the power isfPrinciple of Lesser Interest person who has less interest in maintaining the relationship has more power in the partnershipgWomen have more power with sex need commitment and love firsthMore people offering the resource less poweriFew alternatives lower CLalt more dependent less powerjMen outside home more power because more potential partners and moneykInterdependence Theory two broad types of poweriFate control one can control partners outcomes no matter what they do women determines whether or not to have sexiiBehavior control by changing ones ownbehavior they encourage a partner to alter his or her actions in a desirable direction backrub to clean the garagelOne partners power over the other may be matched by the others c
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