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Chapter 11

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PSYC 334
Dylan Selterman

CHAPTER 11Conflict 1The Nature of Conflict aInterpersonal Conflict occurs when one persons motives goals beliefs opinions or behaviors interfere with someone elses bBorn from dissimilarity cInvolves active interference with anothers goalsdConflict occurs when one partner needs to give up something for the othereConflict unavoidable because 1 moods and preferences occasionally differ and 2 certain tensions always cause some strainfDialectics opposing motivations that can never be fully satisfied because theycontradict each other conflict results exautonomy and connection with interdependence and need to belong ex openness and closeness with self disclosure but desire for privacy ex stability and change considering novelty vs familiar Exintegration and separationfriends or date nightgOlder less frequent conflict hInfluences on amount of conflict people encounterPersonality more when high in neuroticism less when high in agreeableness Attachment Style anxious about abandonment is the worst Stage of L
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