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Chapter 10

BSL 212 Chapter 10: The Agreement.pdf

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Business Law
BSL 212
Martin Segal

The Agreement OfferAcceptance All under the UCC What is a valid offer Present Intent All 3 Are RequiredDefinite Terms No Gaps Communicated to OffereeThe offoeror Makes offerSpecial Offer Rules Can specify how acceptance has to happen Advertisements How can an offoeror unplug this rule Are not offers All effective when receivedBait and Switch Revokes offer Communication Consumer Protection Office Effective once received Revocation Instantaneous General Rule Face to facephone Indirect Revocable any time before Mail acceptance Email Exceptions to make offer irrevocable Fax Options Text Tweets extSale of goods In writing Person is a merchantSomeone whos business offers transactions Offer becomes irrevocable for a max of 90 Days Business card Put it in writingID numberPrice and everything you learned UCC Firm offer
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