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Chapter 21

BSL212 Chapter 21: Transfer of Title and Risk of Loss.pdf

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University of Miami
Business Law
BSL 212
Martin Segal

Transfer of TitleRisk Of LossImperfect title Good faith purchaserVoid title Someone who pays full value for an 1 object stolen unknowingly stolen objectObject has a void title of stolen good 2 Stolen object is sold When stolen object is sold no good title is passed on Stolen object must be returned from the good faith purchaser Voidable title rule1 Voluntary delivery of object Merchant Entrustmant Has Voidable title of object 2 delivered object sold to a Good Faith Purchaser When delivered object is sold it has a good title Delivery Seller and buyer agree on shipment of goodsSellerShipperBuyerTransit insurance has limitsNofault risk of loss Acts of God Shipment Contract Rule Duties of a seller As soon as the seller
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