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Chapter 10

Psychology Across Cultures Chapter 10 Notes -- did very well in this course

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Chapter 10-Aggression What IsAggression? • Aggression is physical or verbal behavior intended to hurt someone • Hostile aggression is aggressions that springs from anger, its goal is to injure • Instrumental aggression is aggression that aims to injure, but only as a means to some other end WhatAre Some Theories of Aggression? • Aggression as a biological phenomenon o Instinctive view is generally held by Sigmund Freud and Konrad Lorenz o Instinctive behavior: an innate, unlearned behavior pattern exhibited by all members of a species o Aggression is biologically influenced by heredity, blood chemistry, and the brain • Aggression as a response to frustration o Frustration aggression theory states that frustration triggers a readiness to aggress o Frustration is the blocking of goal-directed behavior o Displacement is the redirection of aggression to a target other than the source of the frustration. Generally, the new target is a safer or more socially acceptable target o Frustration aggression theory is designed to explain hostile aggression, not instrumental aggression o Relative deprivation is the perception that one is less well off than others with whom one compares oneself o Frustration stems not from the deprivation itself but from the gap between expectations and achi
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