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Chapter 2

Child And Adolescent Development Chapter 2 Notes - 4.0ed this course

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Chapter 2: Genetic Bases of Child Development (Notes are brief and not in depth-- trying to catch up to switched-in class) The Biology of Heredity: • At conception, the 23 chromosomes in the sperm merge with the 23 chromosomes in the egg. The 46 chromosomes that result include 22 pairs of autosomes plus 2 sex chromosomes • Asection of DNAthat provides specific biochemical instructions is called a gene • All of a person’s genes make up a genotype • Phenotype refers to the physical, behavioral and psychological characteristics that develop when the genotype is exposed to a specific environment Single Gene Inheritance: • Different forms of the same gene are called alleles • Aperson who inherits the same allele on a pair of chromosomes is homozygous.Aperson who inherits different alleles is heterozygous; in this case, the instructions of the dominant allele are followed. • In incomplete dominance, the person is heterozygous but the phenotype is midway between the dominant and recessive phenotypes Genetic Disorders: • Most inherited disorders are carried by recessive alleles. Inherited disorders are rarely car
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