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Always Running Book Notes.docx

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SOC 368
Amy Neilsen

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Always Running has become a lightning rod for certain right-wing groups who are trying to stop its use
in schools because of the book’s politics and graphic nature.
Rodriguez believed that there is too much censorship going on in the classrooms and that they can’t be
exposed to the real world if they are sheltered from it for so long.
Always Running is graphic, but the story cannot be told without such.
It has saved the author’s life at the very least.

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We have the right to lie, but not about the heart of the matter.
-Antonin Artaud
Third Wife.
Ruben Joaquin, born in 1988.
Ramiro, 15.
Andrea, 13 but lives with mother in LA.
Ramiro is a troublemaker and a gang member, just like his father was.
Been kicked out of several schools.
Reminds Luis a lot of himself.
They lived in Chicago.
Ramiro ran away for 2 weeks, but finally returned home.
Luis got him counseling and tried everything to have him stray away from the “gang life”.
“This work is an argument for the reorganization of American society – not where a few benefit at the
expense of the many, but where everyone has access to decent health care, clothing, food and housing,
based on need, not whether they can afford them. It’s an indictment against the use of deadly force which
has been the principal means this society uses against those it cannot accommodate.

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“Cry, child, for those without tears have a grief which never ends.”
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