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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Notes

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TAL 103

Chapter 6CultureDiversityCULTURECultureThe knowledge values attitudes and traditions that guide the behavior of a group of people and allow them to solve the problems of living in their environmentECONOMICSOCIAL CLASS DIFFERENCESSocioeconomic status SESRelative standing in the society based on income power background and prestigeUpper middle workinglowerPeople are usually aware of social class who is abovebelow them but not SESAvg correlation btw SESachievement tests about 30 or 40Poverty affects children even before they are born access to prenatal carestress interferes w brain developmentoften receive lower quality educationlow expectations set by others around themjudgmentmay have less access to enriching experiences museums travelingmay have to workoften put in lower level tracksResistance cultureGroup values and beliefs about refusing to adopt the behaviors and attitudes of the majority cultureETHNICITYRACEEthnicityA cultural heritage shared by a group of peop
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