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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Notes

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Teaching and Learning
TAL 103

Chapter 7Behavioral views on LearningUNDERSTANDING LEARNINGLearningProcess through which experience causes permanent change in knowledge or behaviorCognitive psychologists focus on changes in knowledgeBelieve learning is an internal process that cannot be observedInterested in unobservable mental activities like thinking remembering problem solvingBehavioral learning theoriesExplanations of learning that focus on external events as the cause of changes in observable behaviorsThe outcome of learning is change in behaviorCONTIGUITYCLASSICAL CONDITIONINGAristotle we remember things together whenthey are similarthey contrastthey are contiguousPrinciple of contiguityWhen 2 sensations are presented together often enough they become associatedClassical conditioningassociation of automatic responses with new stimulilearning involuntary emotional or physiological responsesContiguityAssociation of two events because of repeated pairingStimulusEvent that activates behaviorResponseObservable reaction to a stimulusRespondentsResponses generally automatic or involuntary elicited by specific stimuliNeutral stimulusStimulus not connected to a responseUnconditioned stimulus USStimulus that automatically produces an emotional or physiological responseUnconditioned response URNaturally occurring emotional or physiological responseConditioned stimulus CSStimulus that evokes an emotional or physiological response after conditioningConditioned response CRLearned response to a previously neutral stimulusOPERANT CONDITIONINGOperant conditioninglearning in which voluntary behavior is strengthened or weakened by consequences or antecedentswe learn to behave in certain ways as we operate on the environmentOperantsVoluntary and generally goal directed behaviors emitted by a person or an animalAntecedentsEvents that precede an action
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