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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Notes

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TAL 103

Chapter 5LANGUAGECULTUREExpressive vocabularyThe words a person can speakReceptive vocabularyThe words a person can understand in spoken or written wordsOverregularizeTo apply a rule of syntax or grammar in situations where the rule does not applySyntaxThe order of words in phrases or sentencesPragmaticsThe rules for when and how to use language to be an effective communicator in a particular culturehow to enter a conversation tell a joke interrupt keep a conversation going or adjust your language for the listenerMetalinguistic awarenessUnderstanding about ones own use of languageEmergent literacyThe skills and knowledge usually developed in the preschool years that are the foundation for the development of reading and writingInsideout skillsThe emergent literacy skills of knowledge of graphemes phonological awareness syntactic awareness phoneme grapheme correspondence and emergent writingOutsidein skillsThe emergent literacy skills of language narrative conventions of print and emergent readingDUAL LANGUAGE LEARNINGAdditive
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