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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes

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Teaching and Learning
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TAL 103

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Chapter 4INTELLIGENCELabeling students is a controversial issueDisabilityThe inability to do a specific taskHandicapA disadvantage in a particular situation sometimes caused by disabilityUnited Spinal Association pdf booklet on disabilityStudents of ethnic minorities are more likely to be diagnosed with learning disabilitiesless likely to be placed in advancedgifted programsExplanations include the higher poverty rates among African American and Latina o families which lead to poorer prenatal care nutrition and health care systematic biases in teachers attitudes curriculum instruction and the referral process itself and teachers lack of preparation for working effectively with ethnic minority studentsIntelligenceAbility or abilities to acquireuse knowledge for solving problemsadapting to the worldGeneral Intelligence gGeneral factor in cognitive ability related in varying degrees to performance on all mental testsMental energyAbility to do any mental taskgtaskspecific abilityFluid IntelligenceMental efficiency nonverbal abilities grounded in brain developmentCrystallized IntelligenceAbility to apply culturally approved problem solving methodsGardners 8 Intelligenceslogicalmathematical linguistic musical spatial bodily kinesthetic interpersonal intrapersonal naturalistIndustrialized cultures tend to view intelligence just as a combination of linguisticlogicalmathematical skillsLIMITATIONS OF GARDNERNo published studies validate the MI theoryMany of the intelligences are interrelated not really separateAPPLYING GARDNER6 Entry Points for teaching curriculumnarrative logicalquantitative aesthetic experiential interpersonal and existential foundationalINTELLIGENCE CONTTriarchic theory of successful intelligencethree part description of the mental abilitiesthinking processes coping with new experiences and adapting to context that lead to more or less intelligent behaviorSuccessful intelligenceIntelligence is about life success based on your own definition of success in your cultural contextSternberg universal processes involved in intelligence for all humansMetacomponentsexecutive processes higherorder planning strategy selection monitoringPerformance components implementing strategies selectedKnowledgeacquisition components gaining new knowledge separating relevant from irrelevant informationAnalytic intelligence
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