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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes

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TAL 103

CHAPTER 3 NOTESPHYSICAL DEVELOPMENTAges 25 preschoolers develop gross motor musclesskillsStop toddling by 2 develop regular gaitRun throw jump by 3Age 5 develop preference for writing handElementary school girls tend to be same size or bigger than boys 1114Pubertyphysiological changes occurring during adolescence leading to reproductive abilityMenarchegirls first periodSpermarcheguys first splugeBody Mass Index BMImeasure of body fat evaluating weight to height ratiosPLAYPlay helps in the process of pruning brain synapses in childrenBRONFENBRENNERContextInternalexternal circumstancessituations that interact w ones thoughts feelingsactions to shape developmentlearningBioecological ModelOur physicalsocial contexts constantly interactaffect each otherourselvesMicrosystemMesosystemExosystemMacrosystemAll development occurs inis affected by time periodchronosystemMicrosystemImmediate relationshipsactivitiesRelationships are reciprocalMesosystemSet of interactionsrelationships among all elements of microsystemExosystemAll social settings affecting the individualMacrosystemLarger societyValues laws conventions traditionsFAMILIESBlended familiesStep families arranged through remarriageExtended familiesCousins aunts uncles grandparents living together or in constant contactBraumrind authoritative authoritarian permissiveneglectful parents
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