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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes

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TAL 103

DEVELOPMENTDevelopment changes occurring between conceptiondeathchanges appear in orderly waysremain for a long period of timePhysical developmentPersonal developmentchanges in personalitySocial developmentchanges in interactionsrelations with othersCognitive developmentchanges in thinking reasoning decision makingMaturation changes that occur naturallyspontaneouslyare genetically programmedNATURE vs NURTURECoaction individualsenvironments affect each other equallyContinuity vs discontinuityContinuous developmentgradualconsistent progressQualitativediscontinuousperiods of changeSensitive vs Critical periods sensitive periodsto critical periods tho ppl can catch up laterGENERAL PRINCIPLES OF DEVELOPMENTPeople developdifferent ratesRanges in rapidity of developmentprogressDevelopment is relatively orderlyAbilities develop in logical orderMost stages of development must come before others sitting before walking addition before multiplicationDevelopment takes place graduallyChange takes timeCOGNITIVE DEVELOPMENTNeurons gray matter computingstoring info in the brainNeurogenesis creation of new neuronsPruning unusedextra neurons dont survive supports cognitive developmentExperienceexpectant pruning brains expecting certain stimulation auditory processing looking for sounds that dont receive it deaf children then devote more synapses to visual processingother sensory infoExperiencedependent synaptic connections form based on experienceGlial cells white matter of brain fight infections control blood flow provide myelin coatingCEREBRAL CORTEXOuter 18th inch covering of the brain wrinkly matterLast area to develop considered most susceptible to environmental influencesLateralization specialization of both brain hemispheresEventrelated potential ERP measurements of electrical activity in the brain
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