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Chapter 1-1.11

BIOL 1543 Chapter 1-1.11: notes

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University of Arkansas
BIOL 1543
John Chadwick

12216 Text Book Chapters 1.11.11 1.1 All forms of life share common properties Biology: the scientific study of life 7 propertiesprocesses of life: 1. order: living cells make up complex organization 2. reproduction: organisms produce their own kind 3. growth development: inherited info (DNA) controls the pattern of growth development of all organisms 4. energy processing: organisms use stored chemical energy to power its own activities chemical reactions 5. regulation: many mechanisms regulate an organisms internal environment, keeping it within limits that sustain life 6. response to the environment: all organisms respond to environmental stimuli 7. evolutionary adaptation: individual wtraits best suited to their environment have greater reproductive success pass their traits to offspring 1.2 New properties emerge at each level in lifes hierarchy Study of life expands from global scale to the microscopic level of molecules Biosphere: all of the environments on Earth that support life Ecosystem: all organismsphysical components in a specific area Community: entire array of organisms in an ecosystem Population: all individuals of a species in a specific area Organism: an individual, living thing Organ system: several organisms that cooperate in a specific function Organ: made up of several different tissues Cell: fundamental unit of life Organelle: membraneenclosed, performs a specific function within a cell Molecule: cluster of small chemical units (atoms) held together by chemical bonds Emergent properties at each level result from the specific arrangement and interactions of its parts 1.3 Cells are the structural and functional units of life Cells are the lowest level of structure that can perform all activities required for life
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