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Chapter 2

PSYC 2003H Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Methods in Psychology

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PSYC 2003H
Denise Beike

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Chapter 2 Methods in Psychology Empiricism 2 types of ancient Greek doctors dogmatists (beliefs) empiricists (experiences) The Scientific Method scientific method: a procedure for finding truth by using empirical evidence empiricism is an essential element theory: a hypothetical explanation of a natural phenomenon the rule of parsimony: the simplest theory is best hypothesis: should statement, falsifiable prediction made by a theory theoryhypothesistest with evidenceuse evidence to modify theory The Art of Looking empirical method: a set of rules and techniques used for observation 3 qualities that make people difficult to study: 1.complexity 2.variability 3.reactivity 2 methods to face these obstacles: 1.methods of observation (what people do) 2.methods of explanation (why people do it) Observation Measurement casual observations: unstable, cant tell us everything operational definition: description of a property in concrete, measurable terms (every unit of time has one) instrument: anything that can detect the condition to which an operational definition occurs
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