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Chapter Chapter 4

PSY 201 Chapter Notes - Chapter Chapter 4: Sleepwalking, Religious Ecstasy, Change Blindness

Course Code
PSY 201
Dasa Zeithamova Demircan
Chapter 4

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non-REM dreams: the experience of mundane, dull, everyday events when
REM dreams: illogical, bizarre and highly visual experiences when asleep
Muscles paralyze
Eyes dart around
Mind produces dreams
Brain produces beta waves
High activity in occipital lobe
High activity in brain stem
Latent content: what a dream symbolizes
Activation synthesis theory: dreams are caused by random neural firings
combined with memories
Manifest content: the literal content of a dream
Freud’s interpretation of dreams theory: dreams can be used to access
unconscious conflicts
Drugs on the body
Stimulants: increase physical activity and mental processes
Opiates: lessen the experience of pain
Hallucinogens: alter perceptions and thoughts
Depressants: decrease physical activity and mental processes
Brain waves from slowest to fastest
Beta, alpha, theta, delta
Automatic processing: type of consciousness needed to perform quick,
automatic behaviors or habits
Attention: focused awareness
Consciousness: subjective experience of the world
Controlled processing: type of consciousness needed to perform slow,
deliberate, and intentional tasks
Change blindness: inattention to changes in environment
Sleep Diseases
Somnambulism: swimming in the lake while in deep sleep
Obstructive sleep apnea: snores loudly during sleep, wakes up to breathe, and
sleepy during the day
REM behavior disorder: dreamt about fighting in a box match, was actually
hitting his pillow
Narcolepsy: suddenly fall asleep and went completely limp
Insomnia: lies awake for hours, unable to fall asleep
Highly suggestible
Being afraid will not allow hypnosis to work
Rationalize action to posthypnotic suggestions
May have involuntary reaction to a stimulus
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