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Chapter 1

CSP 161 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Interpersonal Circumplex, Social Dilemma, Extraversion And Introversion

Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology
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CSP 161
Andrew Elliot

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CSP 161: Ch. 4 Types, Traits, and Interactionism (Part 2)
The Five-Factor Model: The Basic Dimensions of Personality?
All of these models shared a core five (the big five)
These big five traits might transcend boundaries of language and culture
What are the five factors?
o Has not actually been determined. There are two sources of disagreement
Naming factors can be difficult therefore there is some disagreement as
to how the factors should be named
Different measures might have different conclusions as to what goes into
each trait
o The five
Extraversion often implies sociability
Neuroticism emotional stability
Agreeableness trait that is concerned with maintaining relationships
Conscientiousness has the qualities of planning, persistence, and
purposeful oeet toards oe’s goals
Openness/ Intellect is fine with trying new things
Reflections of the five factors in behavior
o Scientists today have been focusing on how the five influence/ reflect upon the
idiidual’s life
- Having social impact
- Prominence in frats and
- Peer acceptance
- Better at interacting with
strangers of the other gender
- Convey confidence
- Less cooperative when
dealing with social dilemma
over resources
- Values achievement and
stimulation in their goals
- Maintaining positive relations
with others
- Not very present in frats and
- Peer acceptance
- Protects from being victimized
by peers
- Feel they have a greater social
- Predicts endorsement of
conflict resolution tactics
among children
- Get less angry by bad
outcomes caused by others
- Predict more empathy and
responsiveness in parenting,
less negativity in martial
interaction, less seeking
revenge after being harmed,
greater attempts to control
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